First blog post of the wiki! Woot!!

Anyways, my family and friends really enjoy playing this modified scenario of Traders & Barbarians with the rivers from The Rivers of Catan, both found in the Catan: Traders & Barbarians expansion. We found the gold from building along the river to be too much an advantage in Traders & Barbarians so do not include that aspect in our playing of this mash-up scenario.

How to Play

  • Remove the desert, 2 mountains, 2 hills, 3 pasture, 1 field and 1 forest hex.
  • Setup the board as described in Traders & Barbarians, but add the rivers where they are described in The Rivers of Catan. (These are shown on the border pieces and should be to either side of the castle trade hex.
  • Play continues exactly as described in Traders & Barbarians with the following exceptions.
    • Bridges cost: Lumber Brick Brick
    • Undeveloped rivers add 1 movement point. (Base undeveloped edge (2 movement points) + undeveloped river (1 movement point) = 3 total movement points for an undeveloped river crossing.) A bridge has only 1 movement point cost, just like a road and helps create bottlenecks.

You can vary the locations of the rivers and trade hexes for increased playability.

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