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  • Silvak

    The World of Catan is finally beginning to move forward. For years it has been listlessly afloat, but that's changing. The biggest being than an active contributor now has leadership powers. This means we can implement some of the many changes Wikia has made these past few years. I've just enabled thread based message walls and forum threads so we can communicate better as a community and really come together. I also enable article comments so we can leave reviews or minor variants or suggestions on any of the article pages. This is also enabled on the blog posts. There are some other features we can enable if we think we'd use them, such as chat, maps, and new image gallery. The Achievements is something I am definitely going to be studyi…

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  • Silvak

    Resource Icons

    June 12, 2015 by Silvak

    Hello my fellow Catanians! I'm back again to let everyone know that the resource icons are up and working across the wiki.

    • =

    The great thing is that they can be used in lines of text to provide a visual description. For example; Harbor settlements differ from cities in that they require to upgrade.

    In all honesty they are a bit of a rush job but they'll work for now. I intend to try and get more polished versions later, especially for and .

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  • Silvak

    First blog post of the wiki! Woot!!

    Anyways, my family and friends really enjoy playing this modified scenario of Traders & Barbarians with the rivers from The Rivers of Catan, both found in the Catan: Traders & Barbarians expansion. We found the gold from building along the river to be too much an advantage in Traders & Barbarians so do not include that aspect in our playing of this mash-up scenario.

    • Remove the desert, 2 mountains, 2 hills, 3 pasture, 1 field and 1 forest hex.
    • Setup the board as described in Traders & Barbarians, but add the rivers where they are described in The Rivers of Catan. (These are shown on the border pieces and should be to either side of the castle trade hex.
    • Play continues exactly as described in Traders & Barbari…

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