The Specialists of Catan is an official variant for The Settlers of Catan released in the Netherlands as a standalone and in Germany in The Play Book and Atlantis . It requires The Seafarers of Catan to play.

Description Edit

Five islands with each their own resource make for a specialised setteler. As long as they keep their position, they reap the benefits. More fun is to take control of the other specialisations. But therefore you'll have to sail the great open sea.

Materials in box Edit

  • 6 Specialty Cards
  • 12 Victory Point markers
  • rules

Preperation Edit

Build the board according to the image below.

You'll only need one 3:1 harbor and 5 specialised ones.

Each played chooses a color and recieves:

Put the Specialist Cards and the table next to the board.

Please note: the "gold" column is only used in custom games.

Setup Edit

Every player places his first two settlements as usual, they however can't be placed on the central island.

The rules remain the same as in the base game and seafarers except for folowing changes.

Rule Changes Edit

Special Victory Points Edit

When a player places a village on an island where he or she doesn't have any yet, they gain one Vicory Point.

As aposed to the seafarers rule where you only get a Victory Point if you're the first one there.

Earning Specialist points Edit

The player recieves 1 Specialist Point for every landtile bordering their settlement. And 2 for a city.

You keep a tally on the Specialist Table.

For example:

The white player's village recieves 1 Specialist Point for wood and 1 for clay.

For his city he recieves 2 Specialist Points in ore, 2 in clay and 2 in grain. 

The red player's village recieves 1 Specialist Point for grain, 1 for ore and 1 for clay.

Earning Specialist cards Edit

The Specialists Table is adjusted after every builing phase. The results are being tallied according the the resource.

The player with the most Specialist Points (minimum of 4), earns the specilast card for this resource.

  • A Specialist Card is worth 1 victory point.
  • The owner of a specialist card recieves one free resource of the corresponding type after they roll the dice. (The effect of the robber comes before the draw, when rolling a 7)
  • When 2 or more players have an equal amount of Specialist Points, none of them get the card.

End of the game Edit

The player with 15 Victory Points or 4 Specialist Cards wins the game.

Trivia Edit

Mayfair games published Catanimals, plushies with very similar game mechanics.