Game Settings Edit

Game Settings

Greetings Settlers! Once you have started a new Scenario of Catan (*Just a note, "Own On" toggles the show/hide for custom made maps*) and set your Player choices you will come to a menu page titled Game Settings. Here is a breakdown of what these options will effect in your game:


Choose between Easy, Medium and Hard


Fixed- Resources, Harbors, and Numbers will remain the same every time the map is loaded.

Variable- Resources, Harbors and Numbers will randomize every time the map is loaded.

Robber Mode

Normal- The Robber behaves normally.

Friendly- The Robber cannot be used to steal or block a resource from a player who has less than 3 victory points.

Dice Mode

Normal- Dice rolls will be random, if you reload a save after a roll, you may not roll the same thing next time.

Stack- Dice will roll a perfect distribution as though you were drawing from a stack of numbered cards rather than rolling dice. (using the statistics presented as dots under each Number, ie 8 and 6 being among the most frequent ect) In stack mode the order of dice rolls is set at beginning of the game. If you load the same move the dice roll will be the same. ( )

Stack 5- Dice will roll a perfect distribution as though you were drawing from a stack of numbered cards rather than rolling dice, but as though 5 random cards had been removed, So instead of the two dice, a virtual stack of 36 cards is used to determine the number of resources. (;wap2)

Start Mode

Settlement- The game will start according to the normal rules of Catan and Catan Expansions.

City- Instead of placing two settlements as per core Catan Rules, you will place one settlement (and road/ship) as normal but instead of placing a second settlement your second placement will be a City (and road/ship). You will still only receive one Resource for placing the City at the start of the game.

Victory Points

Raise or Lower the number of Victory Points required to win Catan.

Minimum: 11

Resource Bonus- This setting allows a player to never go too long without getting resources. With the resource bonus option turned on, after five rolls when he receives nothing, a player can simply select one resource of their choice. ( )

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